Flights of Fancy Feathers

Flights of Fancy Feathers brings together the talents of South Coast sculptor Ian Bell with prominent Australian artists in celebration of our avian friends.  

Emphasis is given to form and mark in the works of Ian Bell, the result of which imbues his sculptures with a sense of flow and nature’s rhythm. Each piece is shaped, sanded and painted before a final detail carving, processes which have been refined over the span of his career and 19 years with the Wood Works Gallery.  Ian Bell is a true craft master in his methodical many layered processes and detailed shapes and finely controlled chip carving of repeated exacting patters. This is a very balanced practice of design making and art.

Ian’s many bird forms are accompanied by masterful representations of native birdlife by Ebony Bennett, Helen Cottle, Helen Fitzgerald and Lyn Cooke, Flights of Fancy Feathers will be an exhibition you won’t want to miss.