Captured Moments

"Chan and Rick have been painting together for more than 12 years, both en plein air and in weekly life drawing sessions.   Each use different mediums; Rick is primarily an oil painter and Chan, a masterful watercolour artist. Their styles and interpretation of what is often the same subject are vastly different. Their common bond is the joy of painting, a compulsion and passion in the creative process."


Throughout history older artists have mentored developing artists. Both Chan and Rick teach because they know there is a two-way benefit within the process that helps the ongoing development of their own artistic practices. 

This exhibition will showcase a selection of each artists work as each use their signature style to explore similar subjects in a variety of mediums. 


"Understanding light has been a lifelong pursuit in my artistic journey. I'm instinctively drawn to the atmospheric aesthetics created by the effects of light. My chosen medium for capturing these effects is watercolour."

-Chan Dissanayake

"I find incredible joy in the nature of painting, interpreting and manipulating light and colour. In many ways I am more interested in the patina, form and texture of mark making and the possibilities offered by the medium I use than I am in the subject itself."

-Rick Cochrane