This Week - 12/7/21

July 14, 2021

This Week - 12/7/21

Jim and I caught up on Tuesday (13 07 21 ) to celebrate his getting back to work after a three week lay off recovering from surgery. Here we are back at the Braidwood Hotel working through the two hat stands for the SWA exhibition at the Australian Design Centre in Sydney opening on October 7th. 

We also discussed the next six week run of new work designs for product and art turning for the Gallery. 

These Blackwood boards (1900mm)  have been cut along the diagonal, and will form a book-matched top for a client’s wall table, about 480mm wide.


These are parts for models I am making to show Anton Gerner for a series of proposed hall tables using the numerous slabs he has set aside over the years. These models will indicate four or five variations based on the wedge sections I have been developing over the past three years. 


This is a table I made in the late 1980s and was a cover photo for the ACT Crafts Council Newsletter. I am re-visiting it as a suggestion for Anton to explore coopering as base for hall tables and low tables. 


 -David Mac Laren, Gallery Director

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