This Week - 19/6/23

June 23, 2023

This Week - 19/6/23

Jim with Ian Bell and Scott Mitchell at our maker’s lunch

Ian has been playing making these band sawn ducks. Painted gold. 

What do you think?


I picked up this Caryatid Table, 2400 x 1100 x 750h, Blackwood by Samuel Sheppard, $9,750, from Rolf’s Collective Studio for wood working.

Tricky dynamics to wok out the forces and stresses. I think they are in balance!

I always like to see a bit of risk in making

Displayed in the Blue Room

Setting the chairs just so. George Ingham, Pru Ingham and Matthew Harding. 

Homage to superb makers making

Looking trying to remember who might have made this. 


We are adopting image strategies to enhance our strengths, with works in gallery settings, centred and balanced and from a low angle at about 1000 to 1200 high

Blue Spoon lounge, Rock Maple, cotton/linen upholstery, $3,900.

Gymea Lamp, Red Bean, Salmon Beam, David Upfill Brown, $2,900 each

Round Side Table #2, Ebonized Figured European Beech, Stuart and Carol faulkner, $940 each

Tony Kenway Rosewood “Fema” Dining Suite, $75,240

Eclectic card selection

Alone Against the Sun, Acrylic on Canvas, David Voigt, $18,500

“Parabola” #159, Silver Ash, Brushbox, Tasmanian /Blackwood, 1100 x 300 x 825 H

River Bowl, Coastal Banksia, Ian Bell, $1,980

Australian Red Earth No. 2, Oil on pure cotton rag hand made paper, Mark Rambeau, $3,500

Galhan Desk, European Cherry, 1500 x 700 x 740 H, Andrew Pinnock, $9,900

Hat Stand, Mallee Burl base, Blackwood stem, David MacLaren & Jim Homann, $1,980

Arm Chair, Silky Oak, Tony Kenway, $8,580

Classic Mantle Clock 5, Jacaranda, David MacLarer & Jim Homann, $680

Slinky, Silver Ash, Budgeroo, Ebony:  Ken Martin $10,000


This Eyeball is in my optometrist’s office. The inspiration for the Eyeball clock, Mallee Burl, 170 D  by David MaJim Homann $340

More Whimsy


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