Homage and Hope

June 16, 2020

Homage and Hope

No doubt these times have been tough. I can report that we have remained open every day except Christmas Day. We have not cut back on staff. We have continued to pay all our makers and artists. So we continue to do what we must do, what we should do, and what we wish to do, and remain steady and hopeful. I confess there were moments on New Year’s Day and a few days after when there were virtually no one in the gallery that it crossed my mind: is this the end of the road for the Wood Works Gallery after 36 years? Days since we have been buoyed by increasing visitation. And a few people chose to come to the gallery to purchase knowing how that supports us. One couple who lost their house to a mini tornado that hit our area a few months ago came in to purchase a lovely Reading Chair. Thank You. I most sincerely am thankful for people’s concern and caring about what we do and what we represent.

David Mac Laren OAM, Designer maker in wood, since 1974 Founder, Owner, Director, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery since 1983.

David Voigt, Somewhere Last Summer, 85 x 100 cm, 2019  ~

The following are some of the heartfelt messages we have received in response to our last Newsletter.  

Dear Lesley and David,

We, our house (including your furniture) and the cattle are fine. The fire went through just before Christmas. About half the houses were lost and everything from Nowra to Nerriga is burnt. 

Thank you for your kind concern. We have been very fortunate and look forward to calling in to the gallery when we can get away. At the moment it is all fencing and feeding cattle. With Kind Regards, 


Thank you for your message, my thoughts are with all the staff and artists at this difficult time. Its wonderful to see a gallery that cares so much for artists and community. We are ok in Wollongong. 




It's very sad news that Jon and Amanda lost their house and business as well as Steve in Cabago. The fires have hit businesses here very hard as the closing of the Kings hwy and the Princes hwy stopped people moving about any tourists remaining at the time were asked to leave when they could, as you know this area lives on tourism. The fires in Victoria and Alpine NSW now may prove to expand further towards Canberra, hope not. Stay safe and have a happy and prosperous New Year



We are so sorry to hear that your 3 artists had lost their homes. Very scary for all of the other artist as well. Makes you wonder how one can start again. One never forgets things like these, like what also once happened to David Mac Laren as well. Thank you for trying so hard to make David’s exhibition [David Voigt Exhibition] being success under these circumstances. I will send invitation emails and reminders to our contacts as well which hopefully might drum up some business to Bungendore Wood Works Gallery.

Thanks again Sharon and all the best. Cheers, Pia 


Hi Sharon thank you for the payment. Can you tell me what the knives were as my invoice book has gone up in the fire.Cheers Steve 


I just want to touch base in this terrible fire season. We’ve seen a couple of reports on TV as to how the fires have affected towns like Bungendore – not directly in danger of the fires but with through traffic in this tourist season non-existent. I hope that soon changes for the better and that the town’s economy recovers quickly. Trish and I had ten days in Thredbo and were actually on our way home when the evacuation order was given. The road from Jindabyne to Canberra was like a city arterial road but we got home safely. My niece’s friends were stuck on the highway over on the coast for some hours – not moving at all and terrified they were going to be caught in the fire before eventually getting home. Bad.

I hope things soon return to normal and want you to know we are thinking of you.



Thinking of you and wondering how close you are to the devastation, surely you have lots of horrible smoke.  We are getting that here too from Kangaroo Island.  Not a summer for visitors on the road spending money!  Fortunately we have had no fires nearer here than 40 km but always on the watch.Best wishes, Jan 

Beautiful heart felt email from the Gallery

Xx Rosie

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