A Day in Trentham

April 20, 2021

A Day in Trentham

On Sunday 18 April, I drove to Trentham, Victoria to attend the opening/ceremony of the Matthew Harding Remembrance Park at 3pm.

A crowd at the opening of the Matthew Harding Remembrance park, Trentham.

A plaque commemorating Matthew Harding feature a pencil sketch.

The park features these sculptures. They are the crescent sections from the massive Casuarina Pods Matt made which are now located on the corner of Flemington Road and Royal Park, Melbourne. 

A child playing on a large crescent shaped metal sculpture, with a man in the foreground.

Hugo Harding, Matt's son, and Chris Harding, Matt's brother.

The Little Gallery also re-opened the night before, after extensive renovations. 

It was only a short trip though. I drove back the next day to attend a local Bungendore Town Centre and Environs Sub Committee of the Council meeting. We advise and make recommendations to Council on a range of projects that contribute to improving the town centre for commerce, the community and for visitors. We have been meeting since 2008. Some of our projects are the proposed Central Carpark, Frogs Hollow park, an Arts Precinct, and Heritage plaques.


-David Mac Laren, Gallery director

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