178 Reasons to Visit the Gallery

June 16, 2020

178 Reasons to Visit the Gallery
178 Reasons to Visit the Gallery

178 Reasons to Visit the Gallery

With work from 178  designer makers and artists in the gallery at present, we are very aware of how important it is for people to visit the gallery to see their pieces, what they make, and be impressed, and perhaps fall in love with something so much that they purchase it. We have at least 178 reasons for people to visit the gallery.


The sale of a maker artist's work makes their day. And ours. According to a recent surveys, makers and artists have an average income of around $26,000. They do not want sympathy, they do want to earn enough to follow their dream. They do struggle, but they have chosen to do what they do because they have great talents, and life is not a dress rehearsal for them.


An article that says it all for me: “How the arts could help rebuild regional communities devastated by bush fires.” . . . .Research shows domestic tourists spend more on arts trips than any other kind"When they go into the regions, about 43 per cent of them go to galleries, go to concerts, go to museums — that compares to around 13 per cent who are visiting wineries or organised sports events."

Read the full article here.


The good news is that many people who receive this Newsletter and the previous ones during January and February, have in fact made special trips to the gallery to make significant purchases, and those purchases have sustained us, and our makers and artists.


With the gallery filled with smoke on the first three days of 2020, we remained open, but we did wonder if this was the end of our remarkable 37 year history. We have pulled through January and February, but it is a long winter coming, and we and our artists need good visitation to sustain us. Visit Bungendore. Visit Braidwood. Visit the South Coast. And Support the Arts.


David Mac Laren OAM, Designer maker in wood, since 1974 Founder, Owner, Director, Bungendore Wood Works Gallery since 1983.



Comfort Birds from Bill Bopf

Comfort Birds from Bill Bopf

Dear Bill,


I have been away with family in Victoria, and when I returned your package was waiting for me. We opened it and we were so surprised and delighted, and as we read your note, the charm of your Comfort Birds gave us such pleasure.


And Sharon in the office with me who does our ordering and much else immediately said her dear friend had been dealing with several hardships the past year and would be so grateful for one. And Penny who is a sales representative of 20 years said she just had a customer at the counter who’s husband had recently past and left a large slab and she wanted to donate it to some deserving woodie. Penny said she was shaking with emotion . . .


So a few of your special birds will find immediate and deserving homes for “who just need something to hang onto at the moment."


I for one, take much pride in my fine finishing and I really appreciate the loving finish sanding that you have done with your comfort birds, and I know one hardly ever gets properly paid for fine finishing because it is such a very time consuming endeavour – not a chore. I find sanding and polishing meditative and calming.


And so of course we wonder if we could sell your comfort birds in our Gallery, at the counter, to keep an eye on them and tell their story . . . I hope you will consider our genuine and appreciative offer.


Kind regards,


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