Clock 0204

$41,250.00 AUD

Clock 204 is a mechanical clock of eight-day duration which realises Will Matthysen's aim to create a piece in which clock mechanics and cabinet form a unified whole. Though utilising a diverse array of materials, nothing superfluous has been added; every element is essential.

The clock demonstrates Will's interest in the crossover of techniques, methods and materials which span eras. This amalgamation of technologies can be seen in elements such as the grasshopper mechanism - an invention of the 18th Century - with more recent clockwork inventions such as the constant force mainspring and micro ceramic ball races. 

The clock itself has been crafted with Tasmanian Myrtle, Sycamore, Jarrah, and Ebony, with gold plated brass and steel components, and glass windows.

Dimensions: 880 x 415 x 255 mm.

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